Field Evaluation Bodies (FEB)

In response to requests from IAS-accredited testing laboratories, inspection agencies and

authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), IAS developed an accreditation program for the field

evaluation of unlisted electrical equipment. The program is designed to formalize an

accreditation process for agencies conducting evaluations of electrical equipment. The request

for these types of evaluations usually comes from a building department, code enforcement

official, fire marshal or similar regulatory body. The request for field evaluation is primarily to

determine compliance with applicable codes or standards of one-of-a-kind, limited production,

used or modified products that are not listed or labeled under a full listing or certification

program. The evaluation process may be completed at the point of manufacture, interim points

of distribution, in the evaluating organization’s facilities, in situ or a combination of the above.

The criteria used to assess field evaluation bodies pursuing accreditation is IAS Accreditation

Criteria for Field Evaluation of Unlisted Electrical Equipment (AC354).