Metal Building Inspection (MB)

The IAS Inspection Program for Manufacturers of Metal Building Systems is a comprehensive

accreditation program based on the requirements of Chapter 17 of the International Building

Code® (IBC).

The criteria used to assess manufacturers pursuing accreditation is IAS Accreditation Criteria for

Inspection Programs for Manufacturers of Metal Building Systems (AC472).

The criteria has three parts. Part A covers fabrication of structural weldments and cold-formed

products requiring welding; Part B covers fabrication of cold-formed products not requiring

welding; and Part C deals with the design of metal buildings.

The inspection program outlined in AC472 addresses quality management system elements such

as personnel requirements, product traceability, process control, and various administrative and

technical requirements.

The criteria covers all metal building system elements that are essential for code officials,

architects, specifiers and contractors to confidently design, specify, build or approve, IAS-

accredited fabricators of metal buildings.