Personnel Certification Bodies (PCB)

IAS offers accreditation of organizations that certify personnel based on their professional

competency. The IAS program is based on ISO/IEC Standard 17024 General requirements for

bodies operating certification of persons. IAS’ international scope and perspective tailors its

accreditation programs to serve national and international needs of governmental regulatory

bodies and diverse industries concerned with personnel competency using uniform standards

and best practices.

IAS operates accreditation programs under internationally recognized protocols that comply

with ISO/IEC Standard 17011 Conformity Assessment – General requirements for accreditation

bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies. As a full member and signatory to the

multilateral recognition arrangements (MLAs) of the Pacific Accreditation Cooperation and the

International Accreditation Forum, IAS can assure international recognition of its accreditations.

The criteria used to assess personnel certification bodies pursuing accreditation is IAS

Accreditation Criteria for Personnel Certification Bodies (AC474).