What should I do if I encounter issues related to the IAS Connect app?

First, check to see if you are running our current version and, if not, perform an upgrade. Getting the latest version often solves common issues.
If upgrading doesn’t resolve things, and if you don’t see an answer for your issue in the list above, please email “portal_support@iasonline.org” or call Patrick McCullen (x 3889)

What would happen if I forget to select “Save Checklist”?

Data will be lost.

What versions of Android are supported?

5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x OS

What versions of iOS are supported?

iPad 4 or Higher w/ iOS 10.x, 11.x, or 12.x
iPhones with screen sizes 4.7″, 5.5″ & 5.8″

Can I use the app without internet?

Yes; however, you must have logged in previously and opened the assessment when connected to a network. If you know internet will not be available at your work location, please make sure to log in when connected prior to arrival, open the assessment and leave the app running. Some features will not be available when in offline mode, however, checklists can still be completed then synced when connectivity is resumed.

A message will appear at the bottom of the app in red letting you know when you are not connected to a network

What kinds of things can I do with my IAS Connect App?

The App can be used to perform most actions that are done on the IAS Portal.

  1. View and edit applications, assessments, quotations
  2. Actions related to scheduling
  3. Work on checklists
  4. Update your contact info.
  5. All other actions that are performed on Portal

Will the app sign me out due to inactivity?

No, and this is a key feature to support offline access to checklists.

How current is the information I see in the IAS Connect App

If you are connected to the internet, IAS Connect App will have the most up-to-date information.

Is the IAS Connect app secure?

Yes, data entered and relayed through the IAS Connect App is encrypted for security

If I am working on a checklist and lose connectivity, will my progress be lost?

No, progress is maintained and you can continue working, however, you must save the checklist to device using the grey gear icon, then once connectivity resumes you will be prompted “Your local data is outdated – do you want to update data from portal or keep local data” – Please select “keep local data” to update from an offline save.